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PicZama is an online Image Editing, Meme Generator, and publishing tool that empowers users to enhance their photos aesthetically.

Photo Editor

An online photo editing tool along with lot of latest features

Meme Generator

An online Meme generating tool including meme templates


Our Product

The Photo Editor

Transform your creative vision into reality with our online PicZama Photo Editor, empowering you to edit your photos like never before. Experience the freedom of unleashing your artistic expression while enjoying the seamless functionality of our completely free-to-use platform.



Features of Photo Editor

Unlock the full potential of your photos with our Photo Editor, boasting a rich array of invaluable features. Elevate your creativity and transform ordinary images into cherished moments of lasting memories.


Transform your photos effortlessly with cropping, rotation, and resizing tools, while our stunning image filters enable you to add captivating effects to your pictures in just a few clicks.

Photo Frames

Enhance your photos effortlessly with PicZama's extensive collection of ready-to-use photo frames, transforming your images into stunning masterpieces.

Add Text

Empower your creativity with our Photo Editor's versatile text tool - easily add and customize texts on your canvas, boasting an array of text settings and even supporting Google fonts.

Add Image

Unleash your creativity with our Photo Editor's limitless canvas, allowing you to effortlessly add and explore an extensive range of images directly from your media library.

Add Shape

Unlock endless creativity with our Photo Editor's versatile and fully customizable shapes for seamless design enhancements.

Element Library

Unleash your creativity with our Photo Editor's vast elements library, offering a wide selection of SVG files to elevate your designs and images.

Add Icons

Elevate your creativity with our Photo Editor, offering access to a wide array of icons, including hundreds of ready-to-use options, as well as the ability to upload your custom SVG files.

Free Drawing

Set your creativity free with our Photo Editor's free drawing brushes, where your imagination knows no bounds.


Experience seamless control over layers in our Photo Editor - lock/unlock, show/hide, clone, delete, and effortlessly rearrange layers with easy drag & drop functionality.

QR & Bar Code

Effortlessly create SVG Codes for sharing your website, email address, photos, products, location, and more with just a few clicks using our Photo Editor.

Canvas Rulers

Perfect your designs effortlessly with canvas rulers and user-friendly drag & drop guides to align objects and resolve spacing issues on our Photo Editor.


Explore various themes in our Photo Editor, seamlessly switch between light and dark modes for your preferred editing experience.


Our Product

The Meme Generator

Experience unparalleled convenience in meme creation with our tool, eliminating the need for software downloads. Seamlessly generate memes online through our user-friendly and free Meme Generator.

Text Editor

Customize everything from font family, size, color, to text alignment with our user-friendly Meme Generator.


Easily create memes by choosing from templates or uploading your own images with our Meme Generator.

Free Drawing

Spark your creativity with our Meme Generator - draw anything you want and let your imagination run wild.


Effortlessly add rectangles, triangles, circles, or custom SVGs to your canvas with just one click.


Access over 150 uploaded Emojis, giving users the freedom to choose any emoji they desire.


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